Monday, January 30, 2012

My Hope in Christ - by D. Bailey\

My Hope in Christ

By D. Bailey

There was a time when I felt alone
Forsaken at its best
And in this time all hope was gone
My soul could get no rest

Heavy laden, in my journey
I would pretend I did not have a care
But that would not last; the day would come
When this weight I could not bear.

It was these moment in life – the regrets;
The pain; the guilt.  All the loved ones I left behind
The barrier my heart has built
But it was all in vain.  Because these walls they
Could not stand.  

Who knew that God could reach
so low?   Who knew He had a plan?  So, from the valley He
lifts me up and plants my feet back on the ground
 and says, "My son, the time has come – let's turn your life

Just be patient;  day by day pray for strength;
I'll lead your way.  Sometimes you'll run; sometimes
you'll walk, other times you'll say, "I can't."
But, it's in these times you'll rise with wings; you'll not
grow weary; and you shall not faint!  

So with strength
renewed; day by day and 
Jesus Christ to guide my way
Who still is the hope I thought was gone.  

That assures my soul
I'm not alone.  
He holds the key to life, death, and to much more!
 and carries the power to restore. 

So I'll put my trust in Him alone,
who holds the key to Life, Death , and so much more!  
and carries the
Power to Restore.  

So I'll put my trust in Him alone until the day he
calls me home.  
Then all my pain, my regrets,
 and my guilt He'll clear. 

When  he wipes away my every tear 
and he'll gently hold me in such
a warm embrace that truly defines
 His Love, His Mercy, His Grace; and

He'll whisper, "For  your heart, 
a faith profound, my gift to you-Salvation's
Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up
with wings like eagles; the shall run and not be weary
and they shall walk and not faint.
__Doug Bailey
Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

 D. Bailey is a guest writer on this blog.  From time to time he will publish his poetry here. 

 All Rights Reserved ® January 2012   
Ruth Clark


  1. With pleasure...Ruth, here is my happy comment.
    My name is Aida Celeste and I am a believer.

    The poem My Hope in Christ was... well...
    A pure delight! Inspiring thoughts about our Redeemer who's awesome to us! It really was the spiritual food my soul was craving for, at that particular moment when I was reading it.

    I will make a copy if it to pass it along.
    I have a person in mind that also need it.
    And he is happens to my son. When he answers...
    I'll send you whatever word he'll use to repond.

    So now Doug Bailey, God's gifted writer
    I bless your faith and and talent...
    Keep sending more of your poems.
    They read like those biblical salms.
    And other biblical poetry.

    I'm always thristy and hungry to hear
    What's in the mind of believers,
    When they're praising the Lord,
    And I tag along pronouncing praises.

    Thank you Ruth... lets get more aquiented.
    I'm sure you know Carol is also a believer.
    I thank God for her my inteligence teacher,
    God bless her her dedicated life and soul.

  2. Thank you, Aida, for your precious comments. Doug will be humbled and filled with joy to know that his gift is finally getting out. He writes to specific people with specific needs mostly. I told him I would put some of his work in my blog. He will be pleased that God is using his gift in this way. I know that Carol is a believer and I do so admire and trust her. I shall post more of his writings soon. May God richly bless you and your son.


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