Friday, July 6, 2012

Countdown to One

Beginning today, it's five days to the ONE YEAR  BIRTHDAY of Rhesa Lynn, my first great-grandchild.  July 11, 2012 is the BIG DAY.  

Is there any more special day in a little girl's life (or a little boy's?)  They don't remember it but all the relatives do, and oh my, the pictures, movies, videos, etc. that accrue.  Who cares about this stuff?

Well, the family does, but there is another that this occasion (and some occasions to follow) that is profoundly affected by the big celebration.  The child involved is molded psychologically to an extent by being told and retold of the awesome occasions where he/she was the star.  

A child loves to know the story of her creation.  The miracle of Rhesa will never get old.  She will want to hear it her whole life.  It will boost her self-esteem that she is so treasured.  

She will want to hear her name from each of her family's lips.  Some memory, some occasion, something special to that time.  When any one family member is missing, it leaves a hole.  The child won't know it except on a deep level.  God never intended for us to be cut off but to be united. 

Let me wander here for a minute.  Have you been in a crowd when the voices around you seem to be like buzzing bees?  Or worse?  All you can think as you graze your way around the room, greeting this one or that one is "How soon can I leave?"  

Maybe you like the scene but I don't.  I don't like crowds.  But, if you will notice, during your intentional "tuning out" of all the commotion, you hear YOUR name.  You turn, you look for the source of the sound of your OWN name.  What is it about our psyche that allows our brains to actually sort through the verbal chaos around us when we are the topic of conversation?  

Where does it come from, this "spiritual"? connection?  I don't know.  

I'm not a psychologist and don't pretend to understand it, but I know it's true.  I can't count times that my own kids are talking around me, not to me, and say, "Mama etc,etc. said...blah, blah."  All I heard was "Mama."  

Immediately I look up and say, "Mama did what?"  We all laugh because I have no clue but something in my brain is tuned in.  

Down through the years of my own life I have been tuned in to "something" and it's a little scary for a minute.  I call one of my kids, or a particular friend and just start a conversation.  Invariably they will say something like, "I was just thinking of you,o" or "You can never know what just happened. I'm so glad you called."  

It's kind of a scary phenomenon if you've never experienced it, but it can be exhilarating, too.  

And so it is with all of mankind.  We need to be so careful of what we say and do (I'm talking to myself here) because someone is listening.  We need to feed positive messages to our children, from the day they are born until infinity.  

Lives are being crafted here.  Lessons are being taught.  I can hardly wait to go to Rhesa's first birthday party.  It's getting close.  She won't remember it but we will and we will help her to live her first year through our memories.  She is so special.  Every child is so special. 

We can't always be with those we love because of one thing or another but God knows our hearts.  He will make it all come right one of these days. 

 My heart hurts for those who are separated from those who love them.  To be unforgiving is to cause harm to come to our own home.  

Not all children are treated special and that's so sad.  Mostly, we have mixed memories, good and not so good.  But, with the right perspective, we can bring beauty from ashes.  If we help one child, teach one child, smile at one child, love one child, we have done what the Lord has asked us to do.  

We are all God's kids. 

Have a great day.  Do something nice for someone else and don't get caught!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

(With six photos) Magnolia 11-year-olds win Arkansas Cal Ripkin baseball title - Magnolia Reporter - Magnolia, Arkansas News: Sports

(With six photos) Magnolia 11-year-olds win Arkansas Cal Ripkin baseball title - Mamgnolia Reporter - Magnolia, Arkansas News: Sports: The Magnolia 11-year-old All-Stars won the 2012 Cal Ripkin State Tournament Monday in Jacksonville by defeating Hamburg twice.

Tyler Bailey hit the homer with bases loaded and brought it home.  Now it's on to the World Series in mid-July