Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another D. Bailey Poem

NOTE:  I was going to wait awhile before posting any more of D. Bailey's poems.  I thought to write something original until, while transcribing this latest work, I realized that what he had written was far superior to anything I could say.  I am honored to share this with you today.  It is my prayer that someone will be blessed by reading this. 

A Life Worth Living

I was in this world all alone! I, in my
need, searching for love and care, walking
a road not paved with gold! Instead, with
Death and Hate and Despair!

Unconditionally, I would to man
give my all, never to receive in return...
Not understanding what was inside
of me, that yearned and yearned

As my spirit was left contrite
and broken, knowing I would follow
the path paved for Hell.
Not understanding that every time
death came for me; how it was that every
time I prevailed!

I had given up on Life in
time of need; but - it was in this very hour
that I always saw God's over-coming power.
You see, I'm the sheep who ran away,
I'm the one who left God's flock.

But, my God, who knows my name,
set my feet upon a rock; and I said to this rock,
"You are the Son of the Living God, who is a
consuming flame; if there is a life worth living –
show me how to change!"

"I realize that I'm a mess, although I have
a willing heart."  He said, "My son, all I want
is for you to simply start.  No matter how low the
valley; and the hills, they do get steep.
But those whom I have called –
 I'll assure you – those I'll also keep!

"All I need is a willing vessel; I'll water;
you just plant the seed. 
According to My riches in Glory,
I'll supply your every need. 

Just put one foot in front of
the other; in all your ways
acknowledge me; I'll see you through.
But - you must give up your old life - for
Behold! Everything is new!

Now I don't claim to have reached the goal
My savior has in mind.  But, before
I found Him, I couldn't see!
Now, I'm no longer blind.

Led by the Holy Spirit, of His
compassion I'm actually a part.
so no matter what this world has
to offer I will serve Him
with all my heart.

Now I know things get overwhelming
a hurt that seems so deep and rare;
cut to the heart, we lay broken in this
aching misery and despair.

But God wants us to know that the
final word is etched in stone.
as He said, with all reverence and fear,
"There is a day approaching soon
when I will wipe away all tears!"

With that said, I'll pick up my cross
and walk in His infinite Grace – for
Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all
      things through Christ who strengthens me."
He gives us strength to finish this race.
                                              _ by Douglas W. Bailey
Copyright © 2011-2012
Reprinted by permission

Doug has given me reprint rights, in writing, to all his poems but they must be transcribed first.  If anyone else wants to copy, print, or otherwise use his work on other websites, blogs, church bulletins, or just for private viewing, you have his permission and mine as long as you cite the author, copyright information,  and this website in its entirety.  Please do not share his poems for profit in any way.  Thank you.  

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