Poems by Michelle

The Cookie Plate

I give to you this cookie plate;
You stop and wonder why.
It's just because you are loved
By a secret passerby.

This plate is to be shared
To enjoy and then pass on
So you can feel the joy
Long after it's all gone.

This is a simple way 
To show someone you care
Who doesn' ®
t love a cookie
That's been sweetened up with prayer.

Don't waste another moment
To find out who I am
Just know that you are special
With each cookie in your hand.

God will bless you greatly 
And the hands He used to bake
This little plate of cookies 
With love chose to bake.

Send this poem along
With the plate you give away
Write it with your own hand
It's now their special day.

Keep it all a secret
Don't let yourself be seen
Send it on right away
Or wait a month between.

I see what you're feeling
And know I pray for you
When you think you're alone
God will see you through. 

Used  with permission by the author, Michelle P.

 Copyright  ® Ruth Clark 2011-2012

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